Steel Contraction

Steel contraction can be defined as a construction technique used especially in the construction industry.  Thanks to this technique, while a structure is being built and the floor, roof and walls of the structure are being built it facilitates the construction of multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers. Thanks to steel construction , all of the load-bearing systems of buildings are produced from steel and the buildings can be built in an earthquake-resistant manner. For this reason, it is widely used especially in regions where there is a high risk of earthquakes. Besides all this, the range of use of carrier systems made of steel is quite wide.

Although it is an alloy type, steel can be produced with a more flexible structure by changing the proportions of the substances contained in the alloy content. Steel structures are more durable than wooden or reinforced concrete structures, so it is preferred when installing bearing systems.

Steel contraction products are earthquake-resistant, robust, economical and long-lasting products. In addition to all this, it is quite easy to remove all of its specific sections or dismantle the entire structure to another location and re-assemble.

What are the Areas of Steel Contraction Use?

Steel construction usage areas are quite wide due to its advantages compared to reinforced concrete structures. Flexible, easy to install and assemble steel construction product lines supply long-lasting usage because of their being more enduring and make it easy to save economically.

  • In the entire construction industry,
  • In the installation of industrial facilities,
  • In all subway and overpass structures,
  • In automobile production,
  • In airplane hangars,
  • In animal shelters,
  • In the facilities to be used temporarily,
  • In storage areas made of steel,
  • Factory and workshop structures,
  • High pressure resistant tanks and pipelines,
  • In the production of workshops and factories,
  • In the construction of some storage areas

steel construction materials are used. The reason why steel conveyor systems are more preferred than reinforced concrete or wooden structures is that steel construction systems can be installed in a practical, quick and easy way.

In addition to the fact that the structure is practical and easy to install, structures made using steel construction are more preferred because they are more resistant and safe against earthquakes.

Reasons to Prefer System Platform Steel Contraction

The most important factors at the choice stage are that the system to be installed can be re-applied by customizing according to the need in time

Among the reasons for choosing System Platform Steel construction products, the most important factors at the choice stage are that the system to be installed can be re-applied by customizing according to the need in time. For all questions about steel construction products, you can contact us for more information.

Besides all of them System Steel construction products;

  • Are the reason for preference due to its lightness, durability and flexibility, especially in buildings in the construction sector
  • Steel structures are 5 times more durable than reinforced concrete structures, so it reduces the load carried by the structures they are used. Their elasticity provides impact resistance.
  • With years of experience, the quality of products produced and earthquake-resistant increases its use.
  • Steel construction products for applications carried out in the construction sector are preferred more than others because of being easy to install and disassemble, customized on a project basis and providing practical solutions in terms of cost .
  • Sistem Platform Steel construction products are 100% recyclable, so it is sensitive to nature, human and environment.
  • Steel construction products have protective and preventive properties, especially against natural disasters such as lightning and fire.


Types of Raw Materials

Steel, stainless steel and other metal products are used by mixing as raw materials in production of steel construction. Alloys mixed in use provide elasticity and durability to the steel construction.

Types of coating

System Platform Steel construction products are earthquake-resistant, robust, easy to assemble in a short time, can be disassembled and transportable, environmentally friendly, economical and durable products. Hot dip galvanized, electro galvanized, electrostatic paint, anodizing coating types are applied to the products in steel structures.

Due to the galvanized steel coating used in steel structures, rot and rust does not occur. Besides, even with prolonged use in steel construction products, cracking does not occur.