Half Pass Notched Grating

Half  Pass Grating model is honeycomb grating models where metal sheets are used in distributive direction according to square screw gratings.   Durability and non-slip are at the forefront in the notched grating models.

The notches to the carrier metal sheets maximize the slippery, while the metal sheets used in the dispenser direction increase the durability of the gratings. The most preferred honeycomb grating model in terms of image and strength, Half-pass Notched Grating model can be easily produced by System Plaftorm in different carrier and distributor blades.

Eyeful Half Pass Notched Grating models in terms of image and strength are manufactured hot-dipped galvanized, painted or uncoated depending on the project.

You can find detailed information about expanded metal at https://sistemplatform.com.tr/genisletilmis-metal/ .