Half Pass Grating

Half Pass Grating is the type of grating whose carrier and dispenser elements produced from metal sheets. Metal sheets used as dispersing elements are defined as such because they are generally half or one-third (1/3) high of carrier metal sheets.  Carrier metal sheets are notched in plain form. Binding metal sheets passed to these opening notches are welded at intersections at regular intervals.

Especially they are preferred in all industrial projects such as ships, rack and chassis systems, treatment plants, platforms and walkways; in addition, it is frequently used when carrying out architectural projects.


Half Pass Standard Grating


Half Pass Standard Stair Step


Half Pass Notched Grating


Half Pass Notched Stair Step


Half Pass Grating Advantages

It is obtained by welding metal sheets irons (flat steel rod) with high pressure welding machine. It has a high density and a very light structure with ventilation feature.

It is especially preferred in the construction and ship sector , construction of corridors, bridges, trenches, covers and canals. It is also used in ship platforms, walkways, rack and chassis systems and treatment plants.

Its models are produced in a way that will suit your projects in terms of both quality and price.

  • It has a high density and is quite light.
  • Since it has ventilation feature, its usage area is wide.
  • Thanks to the notches opened to the carrier metal sheets, the non-scrolling is at the highest level.
  • In terms of durability, it is among the most preferred models.
  • Its models are produced to high quality standards and in accordance with every project.
  • Half-Pass NotchEd Stair Step
  • Half Pass Notched Grating
  • Half Pass Standard Stair Step
  • Half Pass Standard Grating

Depending on the wishes and project requirements of our customers, 100% customer satisfaction is produced in four different types by System Platform considering timely delivery principle in the forefront.

Always Customer Satisfaction

Depending on the customer request, the area to use, and the project; it is produced in hot dip galvanized, painted or uncoated. You can contact us for any features you want or visit our https://sistemplatform.com.tr/petek-izgara/ Platform Grating page for information about our other models.