Full Pass Standard Grating

Full Pass Standard Grating models are gratings produced by interlocking metal sheets to the same extent transverse and longitudinal. Full Pass Standard Grating models are heavier compared to square screw and half-pass honeycomb gratings.

Full cladding standard gratings are often used for decorative purposes as balustrades, ceiling decoration, facade systems and sun breakers. System Platform Full Pass Standard Grating models are manufactured to high quality standards according to your project’s requirement; hot-dipped galvanized, painted or uncoated.

Full Pass Standard Grating Advantages

Full Crossing Standard Grid models are manufactured by interlocking lames to the same extent transverse and longitudinal. Full Pass Standard Grating models are also often preferred as decorative products.

  • Full Pass Standard Grating models, which can be customized to suit your project and needs; in areas such as balustrades, ceiling decoration, facade systems and as sunbreaker are often preferred.
  • Thanks to its decorative feature, it adds added value to your projects by bringing structures to the forefront.
  • System Platform Full Pass Notched Grating models come to the forefront with its long life and durability.

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