Full Pass Grating

The Full Pass Grating model is the type of grating created by the inverse interlocking of two equal carriers and connector metal sheets of the same size. Notches are opened on carrier and binding metal sheets to the same extent. After the binding metal sheets and carrier metal sheets are interlocked, the grating form is obtained. Since the carrying capacity is high and can be used in both directions, it provides ease of installation.

It is the type of grating with the highest carrying capacity compared to other grating models.

It is often preferred in architectural projects and walking paths, especially in areas with versatile loads. In addition, railings are also used for ceiling decoration, façade dressings and decorative purposes as sunbreakers.


Full Pass Standard Grating


Full Pass Standard Stair Step


Full Pass Notched Grating


Full Pass Notched Stairs Step


Reasons For Preference

In particular, railings, ceiling decoration, façade systems and sunbreakers are among the products used for decorative purposes. Another reason why it is used especially for decorative purposes is that the product looks the same from both surfaces.

  • Since the carrying capacity is the highest type of grill, it is preferred for heavy loads.
  • It is capable of carrying heavier loads with less weight.
  • Depending on the ground on which it will be used, special production can be made for your project in the desired dimensions and sizes.
  • It is also easy to assemble as it has a high carrying capacity and can be used in both directions.
  • Due to the fact that both surfaces are the same, its use for decorative purposes is common.

Minimum Cost Maximum Efficiency

  • Full Pass Notched Stair Step,
  • Full Pass Notched Grating
  • Full Pass Standard Stair Step,
  • Full Pass Standard Grating models

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