Fasteners are materials which are used to combine the same two metal grating and fix them to the carrier construction on or inside the metal gratings. It is convenient to use fasteners for all standard grating types and all sub-constructions. It is designed and built especially for areas where pedestrians can walk. The gratings, which will be used in areas open to vehicle traffic, can be used with perforated metal plates boiled between bearing bars depending on the need.

One of the issues to be considered for fasteners is the dangers of falling. Since it is necessary to take precautions against the dangers of falling, grids must be applied to be connected from at least four corners. All fasteners must be regularly maintained and fully inspected.

System Platform Fasteners

As System Platform Grating Metal, we produce two types of fasteners as Hooked and Standard Fasteners.  One of the issues that should not be forgotten here is that the grating profile type and dimensions are important for ordering, as it is used so that it can be fixed inside the grating or on the conveyor structure on which the grating is located, or so that two gratings of the same type can be connected to each other.

  • It is vital because it is used for walking areas where pedestrians pass or for areas where vehicles pass.
  • It saves time when assembling and disassembling gratings.
  • In these products, the grating profile type and dimensions must be specified before ordering.
  • If the surfaces of the gratings to be assembled are flat and do not fit fully inside any slot, there is a very high probability that the gratings will slip out of place. In order to eliminate the possibility of slipping the gratings, fixing must be carried out.

Quality Product Quality Service

These products vary by type, characteristics and order quantity.  You can contact us for more detailed information about its features.

In order not to encounter any problems when placing the order, the profile dimensions of grating and type of the grating must be checked. The most preferred products are the standard B133 K and B133 T models.

Reference numbers are determined according to pore openings. Pore openings range from 20mm to 66mm.

Standart Bağlantı

Standart Bağlantı Elamanı

Standart Bağlantı Elemanı

Standart Bağlantı Elamanı Montajı

Standart Bağlantı Elemanı Montaj

J Tipi Bağlantı

J Tipi Bağlantı Elamanı

J Tipi Bağlantı Elemanı

J Tipi Bağlantı Elemanı Montajı

J Tipi Bağlantı Elemanı Montaj

Çift Bağlantı

Çift Bağlantı Elemanı

Çift Bağlantı Elemanı

Çift Bağlantı Elemanı Montajı

Çift Bağlantı Elemanı

Yuvarlak Bağlantı

Yuvarlak Bağlantı Elemanı

Yuvarlak Bağlantı Elemanı

Yuvarlak Bağlantı Elemanı Montajı

Çift Bağlantı Elemanı