System Platform

Since the day we were established in Ankara in 1990 we have been guiding the sector by providing 100% customer satisfaction with our expert production team, high-tech production lines and technical staff as System Platform. As of 2012, we offer quality service in Ankara OSTİM OSB by meeting the demands of both domestic and international customers in our production facility, which operates at full capacity in 4500 m2 area in Anadolu Organized Industry as of 2020 with our System Platform expert staff.

Since the day we were established we have been delivering to our customers on time by targeting maximum efficiency with minimum cost as System Platform. We make a difference in the sector with our 360 degree service from production to customer service by partnering with the goals of the organizations we cooperate with.

With our facility, which we serve 360 degrees together with the expert staff of our System Platform company, we produce all your orders in accordance with quality standards and deliver products of superior quality.

System Platform Product Types

While supplying all the needs of our customers with Platform Product Types, we apply our quality production approach at every stage from the raw material process to the shipping  process.                                       Platform grating, stair steps ,extended metal,, perforated sheet metal and steel construction products and our platform grating and expanded metal products constitute close to half of our monthly production capacity.  We make a difference in the sector for our customers with our technology-based manufacturing facility, quality products and service.

We produce System Platform Grid Metal models in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
Platform grating and extended metal models account for half of our monthly production capacity.
We make our deliveries on time by performing quality control procedures in all time from raw material to delivery.
By listening to the needs and requests of our customers, we inform our customers at all stages from production to delivery.

System Platform

By taking advantage of the power of technology and teamwork, you can find the SP grating metal models we produce to provide quality products and services to our customers here.

We passionately embrace our business by adopting transparent information and management principles in the process from raw material process to order delivery. With over 25 years of experience, we appreciate labor and continue to grow with our excitement on the first day without fear of technology.


To be a leading organization in the platform grating and expanded metal industry and to contribute to the country’s economy by combining our more than 25 years of experience with our innovative and visionary perspective, which draws its power from technology.


To be a leading enterprise in the field of platform grating and expanded metal industry, operating both in our country and worldwide, with a strong technological infrastructure.